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General information

SILVAMIX® is a line of special complete high-nutrient chloride-free slow release fertilizers. Depending on the climate and the soil condition both manufactured forms - tablets and powder - are marked by a slow and pro-longed release of nutrients lasting for up to 18 months. The line of slow release fertilizers SILVAMIX® is thus designated for fertilization and supplemental fertilization of a wide range of perennial and long-living cultures. In modern horticulture and forestry, slow-release fertilizers (SRFs) in tablets have proven superior to conventional fast release fertilizers (FRFs).

The slow and gradual action of the SILVAMIX® fertilizers is due to the decomposition of Ureaform (urea-formaldehyde, Methyleneurea) polycondesates in the soil as the principal source of nitrogen. Ureaform chains of different lengths exhibit various water solubilities; at least 50 to 70 percent of total nitrogen is available in water-insoluble form, depending on the fertilizer composition. Unlike with the conventional FRFs, the use of slow release fertilizers SILVAMIX® prevents undesirably high concentrations of nitrogen in the soil at the beginning of fertilization. Consequently, the nitrogen leaching from the soil does not increase.

An important feature of slow release fertilizers SILVAMIX® is the content of sparingly soluble alkaline potassium-magnesium phosphate that guarantee a slow action of the other essential nutrients - phosphorus, potassium and magnesium - while having a positive effect on the pH of acidic soils.

The high nutrient content, the limited solubility and the absence of undesirable additives (e.g., chlorides) increase the number of possible applications of the slow release fertilizers SILVAMIX®. Through all their qualities, they are environmentally friendly.

The slow release fertilizer tablets SILVAMIX® brings about a number of advantages. Most importantly, the tablets are particularly well suited for fertilization of plants with longer period of growth (perennial plants), especially at poorly accessible sites or where conventional methods of fertilization cannot be used. The fertilizer tablets are ideal for separate fertilization of each individual plant; they create a sufficient supply of nutrients in the soil or substrate without the risk of undesired increase in the soil concentration and losses due to leaching of the nutrients. The application is simple and targeted; it allows an accurate dosage of the nutrients, and reduces the unproductive fertilization beyond the reach of the root systems.

The slow release fertilizer tablets SILVAMIX ® are applied into vessels or on loose soil. Standard fertilizing tablets are available in the weights of 5, 10 and15 grams, respectively. Fertilizer tablets of non-standard weights can be produced on request.

The slow release fertilizer tablets SILVAMIX® are particularly suited for the planting of forest seedlings (especially on the areas affected by emmissions or soil erosion), ornamental and fruit-bearing trees, bushes and flowers, vineyards, hopgardens, strawberry plants, raspberry, gooseberry and currant bushes, trees and bushes alongside roads, plants on recultivated areas, etc.

Start-fertilizing efficiency is beneficial for the planting of tropical and subtropical species, e.g., coconut and oil palms, trees of olives, coffee, cocoa, tea, citruses, oranges, bananas, avocados, mangos, papayas, dates, eucalyptus, rubber, tung, shorea, tectona, pistachio, macadamia and cashew nuts, etc.

The use of slow release fertilizer tablets SILVAMIX® leads to considerable savings in time and labor, and decreased need for supplemental fertilizations. The tedious and questionable blending of a substrate with conventional fertilizers is rendered unnecessary. Also important is the economic effect brought about by improved growth of seedlings, by shortening the flowering cycles and by wood increments.

The release of nutrients from slow release fertilizers SILVAMIX® depends on the chemistry, biological activity and water regime of the soil, but also on the chemotropism of plants. The nutrients can be utilized during the course of multiple vegetation periods. Limited solubility of the nutrients and the high degree of their uptake by plants prevent their excessive dissolution into the soil and surface waters. The powdered form of slow release fertilizers SILVAMIX® is especially well suited for the powdering applications to young seedlings in nurseries. Special forest and garden substrates can be made by blending the powdered slow release fertilizers SILVAMIX® with peat and mould.

The slow release fertilizers SILVAMIX® have been thoroughly evaluated by chemical analysis and plant nutrition studies. Laboratory tests have shown a markedly lower solubility of all nutrients compared to standard FRF fertilizers. All tests conducted under different experimental conditions have clearly documented that the nutrients are released slowly from the slow release fertilizer tablets and powders, and confirmed that the application of fertilizer tablets SILVAMIX® secures a higher degree of nutrient utilization and reduces losses due to retrogradation and washing out into ground waters. The full advantage of the environmental friendliness of the slow release fertilizer tablets SILVAMIX® can be taken in regions affected by emmissions or in regions serving as water supply sources.

Long-term examination of mechanical properties of the slow release fertilizer tablets and powder SILVAMIX® has proved their dependable strength and minimum abrasive wear on storage under outdoor conditions. Growth tests, established by several prestigious institutions authorized to carry out testing of new types of fertilizers, showed that the slow release fertilizers SILVAMIX® fully satisfy the requirements for stock and environment friendly fertilizers.